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Bosnia International Servant Trip (IST)

The Bosnia IST is a ministry of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA, striving to build peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the wonderful children of this beautiful country. 

In late June each year we send a Travel Team over to Bosnia-Herzegovina loaded up with supplies and prayers from our Home Team. Together with our Bosnian friends and partners we hold Camp New Hope and Friendship Camps in schools and communities around the country. Along the way we build relationships, explore peace and reconciliation and the long-lasting effects of war, and serve shoulder-to-shoulder with friends from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.   For all the details, visit… 


Become a Camp Sponsor!

In addition to getting everyone there, running the Friendship Camps and Camp New Hope cost a great deal: we need sports equipment, interpreters, art supplies, lunch, etc. 

Friendship Camps sponsorships are $2,600 each. It is possible to sponsor half of a camp. Camp New Hope sponsorship is $14,400; $1,200 per school x 12 schools. You can donate online towards a camp sponsorship directly. If you, your company/charitable organization, or church has questions or would like to talk about making other arrangements for fully or partially sponsor a camp, please Contact Us.  More information at…


You can mail a donation using this form, or you can donate online using a credit/debit card by clicking this "DONATE HERE" link. All donations are tax-deductible, and either method will generate an email you can use for tax purposes.


For more information, contact

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