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Camp New Hope

Each year we have the best job on the planet! We get to play, sing, dance, eat and practice peace with the smart, beautiful children of Bosnia-Herzegovina!

Camp New Hope

In the summer of 2013 we started a new program: Camp New Hope. This program was a three-day retreat with a select group of young leaders invited from school in northern Bosnia from different ethnic communities. We brought these young people and one teacher from each school together to explore issues of identity and relationships built on hope and a shared desire for peace. This program was designed and led with key partners in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was VERY exciting!!!

Be sure to check out this excellent article in the July 13 Philadelphia Inquirer by CNH Team member Cindy Henry.

Each Friendship Camp and Camp New Hope needs financial sponsorship. This support is absolutely crucial to our ministry! 
Friendship Camp Sponsorship is $2,600. 
Camp New Hope Sponsorship is $13,500.

We'll bring back photos and and a gift from the school to all Camp Sponsors! 

Please contact Cynthia Henry (or if you are interested in, or have questions about, sponsoring one or more Camps!

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