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Friendship Camps

Each year we have the best job on the planet! We get to play, sing, dance, eat and practice peace with the smart, beautiful children of Bosnia-Herzegovina!

Friendship Camps

Friendship Camps are day-long programs held in schools and occasionally other settings (orphanages, special-needs programs, etc.) and focus on teamwork, the strength found in a diverse group of people working together, and on the fun of tackling a shared challenge. We used music and drama exercises, conflict resolution and diversity training. We spent the day with the children playing together, singing together, sharing stories, creating art, and eating and laughing together. We give the children, the teachers in attendance that day, and the schools some gifts – including the gift of our time and love.

Friendship Camps camps are for children ages 10-13 (and anyone else who shows up!), and are intended to help bring Healing, Hope & Peace, into their lives and their communities. Each camp held from 60 to 300+ students, with 10-20 teachers present at each.

Each Friendship Camp and Camp New Hope needs financial sponsorship. This support is absolutely crucial to our ministry! 
Friendship Camp Sponsorship is $2,600. 
Camp New Hope Sponsorship is $13,500.

We'll bring back photos and and a gift from the school to all Camp Sponsors! 
Please contact Bosnia IST Coordinator Jason Reed or Home Team Captain Cliff Konnerth if you are interested in, or have questions about, sponsoring one or more Camps!

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