Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF)
Excellence in Ministry Unleashed (EMU) is once again offering financial relief to pastors carrying student loan debt. If you would like to be considered for this assistance, please complete a current application of financial need and return it to the synod office by November 1st.  

The New Jersey Synod will also use this grant to establish a MINISTERIAL EXCELLENCE FUND that will provide incentives for pastors to prepare more effectively for retirement, reduce the burden of educational costs, and meet rising medical and housing costs.  The grant calls for the people of our Synod to raise at least $180,000 in order to receive a matching $180,000 for this fund (as part of the total $500,000 grant).


Lay and rostered leaders from throughout our Synod, along with the Office of the Bishop, have already begun to mobilize.  This initiative entitled, “Excellence in Ministry, Unleashed” (EMU) will not only raise the matching funds, but also strengthen pastors and congregations as they expand mission, service, and ministries in the coming years.  

Download the MEF Grant Info and application below

MEF Part 1 - Overview

MEF Part 2 - FAQ

MEF Part 3 - Incentive Application (2021)