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Here are the groups we have worked with most closely while conducting the work of the EMU

National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders

The New Jersey Synod was invited to participate in this initiative and the EMU project was the result.  This page includes a detailed description of the initiative and resources outside the ELCA

Lake Institute on Faith and Giving

The Lake Institute is part of the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.  It is the only academic program in the Nation studying living in a religious context

Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising is offered on line and in person for pastors and lay leaders who want to dig deep into funding religious institutions

Cultivating Generous Congregations is offered Through the ELCA for congregational groups who want to grow in their own generosity as disciples.

6 weeks on Money

a values-based financial literacy program for congregational groups wihci is offered online through the ELCA.

Portico Benefit Services 

Portico is a Ministry of the ELCA providing Medical Insurance and retirement plans for Congregations in the ELCA.  They have retirement planning and individual financial well being tools on their web site.

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota 

L.S.S. of Minnesota provides Financial counseling to Portico members. They also are the place for Pastors to look for help with Federal Student Loan forgiveness.



In addition, EMU has hosted these authors here in the New Jersey Synod to came to discuss their books on congregational mission, leadership and finances.

Bonnie Ives Marden – Church Finances for Missional Leaders

Michael Girlinghouse – Embracing God’s future without forgetting the past

Grace Pomroy – Funding Forward

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