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EMU Milestone Event: Death and Taxes

February 20-21 at Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center (Christ Center)

Begins 4 PM on Thursday - ends 2 PM Friday.   

For Rostered Leaders

Cost: $20 per person  (Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch included)


As William Shakespeare reminds us, the only thing certain in life are “death and taxes”. In this seminar, we will grapple with some of the “life issues” presented by the modern world, such as savings, stock markets, insurance, consumer credit and mortgages. We will break down these “certainties” of modern life, and offer best practices so that clergy can focus on meaningful issues rather than the annoying details life throws at us. Our particular focus will be clergy in mid life, as they begin to accumulate assets, figure out how to pay for their children’s education and plan for retirement.


Our seminar will be hosted by the EMU team, led by Gerry Lauro, a former Wall Street stock trader and hedge fund employee. He will be joined by Barb Debski, the Portico representative for New Jersey. Technical jargon will be kept at a minimum, and they promise no “pop quizzes”. 


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