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EMU PRESENTS!!!!! 6 weeks on Money


You may have heard of "6 Weeks on Money"- So did we, and decided to give it a try!


It is unlike any other money education program we have found.  The sessions focus on our relationship with money, what we value and what we are trying to accomplish in our financial lives.


The EMU project is inviting congregations in the New Jersey Synod to participate in 6 Weeks on Money as a way to help us all get a better understanding of how we approach our own finances, and our congregation’s finances as well. Each congregation can include up to 5 individuals in their cohort, one should be the pastor and one the treasurer. The cost of the course is $80/person, but due to the generosity of the Lilly Foundation and EMU ministry, the registration fee is only $20/person.

The course will be led via Zoom.


When our EMU team completed the course, we found we were more encouraged and imaginative about what we could do with the resources we already have. We are so sure of this result we are inviting congregations who complete the 6 weeks on money course to dream. Additionally, EMU will be giving start up grants to help you launch your dreams.

Please follow the link below to register.  You will be asked to please select your first choice and second choice for a meeting time.   (The sessions begin the week of June 12) 

Sundays @ 3pm
Mondays @ 7pm
Wednesdays @ 1pm
Wednesdays @ 7pm
Thursdays @ 1pm
Thursdays @ 7pm


Please contact emu@njsynod.org if further financial assistance is necessary.