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Leadership Mission Team

The Leadership Mission Team is responsible for working with congregations and specialized ministries in identifying, recruiting, training, and supporting persons in lay and rostered ministries. Email the Team Leader.


How To Setup a Mutual Ministry Committee (PDF)- This is a resource developed using Pastor and People. 

LEAD 10-Minute Toolbox- This great resource from the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod has 10 minute videos on a variety of subjects. The videos are free, but do require registering. 


Continuing Education Opportunities for Rostered Leaders (PDF)  (Word)

   - Like to submit a Continuing Education experience that was profound and helpful?  Click here!


Moses and Leadership Bible Study (PDF)  (Word)


Growing in Faith (the diakonia program) - A lay education program that provides spiritual formation to those wishing to deepen their understanding of the faith. The program consists of 12 courses spread over 2 years.  For more information, including the site locations, go to their website

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