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Malaria Task Group


The Sept. 30 ELCA Malaria Campaign blog post, "Swatting out malaria​," featured United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports stating that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to halt and begin reversing malaria incidence by 2015 had been met "convincingly." To celebrate this achievement, global leaders, diplomats and health experts gathered at the United Nati​ons this past Friday (Continue Reading)



“We are a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together. Working through Lutheran partners in Africa, the ELCA Malaria Campaign is uniquely positioned to help provide mosquito nets, education, testing, medication and more to help eliminate deaths from this disease — for good.”


ELCA Malaria Campaign's Comments on the NYTimes article



The campaign started in 2012, and will conclude at the end of this year.  (After that, the Malaria Campaign will become part of the ELCA’s World Hunger appeal.)  So far, the national campaign has raised approximately $13 million!   The churches of the New Jersey Synod have collected over $400,000!  We can certainly congratulate ourselves on this achievement.  Let’s see if we can top the $500,000 mark by the end of the campaign!  



Make a poster display for your church lobby or narthex using printable resources from the ELCA website.  Use during Lent, and dedicate a special benevolence offering to the Malaria campaign.  Or dedicate the special offering on April 26, Malaria Sunday.

Try a Lenten project.  Have your Sunday School students collect a weekly offering to go to the Malaria campaign.  Get butterfly nets to use as collection plates, and use in SS offering, or on Malaria Sunday, April 26, in your worship service.  

Try out the Malaria Campaign’s VBS program this year.  It’s called “Catch the Buzz!”


QUESTIONS?  Contact members of the NJ Synod Buzz Team for more help.  

Be creative, and have fun, because it’s God’s work, our hands!

Check out the ELCA Malaria Campaign here

Email a team leader


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