Pre-Assembly Virtual Workshops

Friday, May 7, 2021 

Session 1 - 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM 

Session 2 - 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM 

EMU, Abundance and You (Sessions 1 or 2)  

This workshop will give insights into economic challenges facing pastors and congregations, and some of the good work the  NJ Synod's Excellence in Ministry Unleashed (EMU) initiative offers to help pastors and congregations flourish. This  workshop will also share concrete ideas to assist with annual stewardship appeals as well as year-round cultivation of  congregational generosity. 

Leaders: The Rev. Fred Becker, Trinity, Dover, and EMU Team Leader, and The Rev. Dean Brown, Assistant to the Bishop 

From NJ to MN – Youth Gathering 2022: boundless: God Beyond Measure (Session 2)  

Every 3 (right now 4!) years, 30,000 Lutheran youth and their adult leaders gather together for a week of Faith Formation  that includes learning, service, worship, Bible study, fellowship, and fun! Come join the conversation about what the  Gathering in 2022 will look like, and how we as a synod can best support you to bring your young people to this inspiring  event. 

Leaders: Youth Ministry Mission Team 

God.Is.Doing.New.Things (Sessions 1 or 2)  

The Holy Spirit is in the business of doing new and amazing things. As the world continues to change, we are called  to “activate each of us so more people know the way of Jesus and discover community, justice and love.” As people of  faith we are invited to ask who we are, why God placed us here and what difference that makes to the world. God is  inviting us to get on board with the new things God is doing! 

Leader: The Rev. Maristela Freiberg, Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission and Partners 

Government – Love It or Hate It? (Session 2)  

What do Lutherans have to say about government and our role as disciples in the process of democracy? Join us as we  take a look at a new social message, “Government and Civic Engagement in the United States: Discipleship in a  Democracy.” A Spanish translation of the message can be downloaded here. 

Leader: The Rev. Sara E. Lilja, Director, Lutherans Engaging in Advocacy Ministry 

Springing Forth into Right Relationship (Sessions 1 or 2) 

Scripture calls us to be repairers of the breach when relationships are broken. This workshop will explore the issue of  reparations for those of African descent in order to begin to repair the breach which began with the institution of slavery  and continues with inequities still in place in our country.  

Leaders: Bishop’s Challenge Team 

What Then, Shall We Say to These Things? Congregational Life Beyond COVID-19   (Sessions 1 or 2)  

As we begin to imagine post-pandemic life, what does this mean for our testimony about Jesus? What pre-pandemic  activities will we discontinue or re-invent, what new ideas will we continue, and how will these enhance our call to tell  about Jesus and invite others into God’s beloved community? 

Leaders: The Rev. Kimberly Vaughn, Assistant to the Bishop and The Rev. Phil Hirsch, ELCA, Executive for Christian  Community and Leadership 

Youth Ministry in the New Jersey Synod (Session 1)  

Ministering to our youth in NJ has certainly taken on different forms in this past year. Come learn how the NJ Synod has  continued to support our youth and youth leaders through this pandemic. Join the conversation as we plan for events in the  upcoming year for youth and young adults in NJ. We will also talk about our partnership with Cross Roads and our  Growing Young Initiative. 

Leaders: Youth Ministry Mission Team

Zoom links to join a workshop will be posted on this page.

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