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Stewardship Resources


New Jersey Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America  and

Both sites contain ample materials to spark imagination, and empower local stewardship leaders in their work.  Appropriate resources have been crafted for congregational use.


Generous Giving

This is a helpful resource for learning more about biblical principles of stewardship. The “resources” tab contains good information. The website is a great source for current statistics. The “research library” tab provides a collection of books, articles and materials for use in stewardship training and education.


Good $ense Ministry

Part of Willow Creek ministries, Good$ense is a stewardship education ministry resource designed to help teach and train congregations in how to use resources in God honoring ways.


Luther Seminary

Luther Seminary has developed a great database of resources for stewardship education, which includes

books and book reviews, videos, DVDs and more.


Lake Family Institute on Faith and Giving

The Lake Family Institute on Faith and Giving explores the connections between faith and individual philanthropy. This website includes reports of research and a bibliography of resources on giving.


Stewardship of Life

This Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) website provides suggestions and resources for stewardship education. “Congregational Stewardship 101” and “The Treasure Chest” are worth checking out.


Ecumenical Stewardship Center

This website of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center contains news of resources, events and leaders within the stewardship arena.  Their Giving Magazine always has helpful articles and a congregation friendly financial stewardship program that is worth a look.

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