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The Secretary of the New Jersey Synod is elected at the Synod Assembly, and organizes and maintains records and minutes of meetings.  The Secretary also creates the Bulletin of Reports for Synod Assembly.

Secretary:  The Rev. Blake Scalet

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Constitution Changes
(Posted Nov 6, 2023)

1.) The Proposed Revisions with rationale

2.) The complete Synod Constitution
(This includes the already approved Continuing Resolutions and the Proposed Revisions)

Notice of these proposed changes is sent to all congregations of the Synod in compliance with the New Jersey Synod Constitution.

S18.13.B The Synod Council may propose an amendment, with notice to be sent to the congregations of this synod at least six months prior to the next regular meeting of the Synod Assembly. Such an amendment shall require for adoption a two-thirds vote of the voting members present and voting at such a regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.
S18.21. This synod may adopt bylaws not in conflict with this constitution or with the constitution and bylaws of the churchwide organization. This synod may amend its bylaws at any meeting of the Synod Assembly by a two-thirds vote of voting members of the assembly present and voting. Newly adopted bylaws and amendments to existing bylaws shall be reported to the secretary of this church.

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