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Substance Abuse and Recovery Awareness

As a church body we should provide a non-judgmental presence in ministering with, for and to those who are addicted and their loved ones.  We should engage in prevention and recovery.  Congregations are in a unique position to strengthen families, parents, children and youth by providing a safe place to talk and to be listened to with respect and love.  Addiction and recovery affects the entire family, friends, and community. Recovery is a process that is relationship based, needing support and forgiveness on the part of all involved. 


The goal of SARA is to educate rostered leaders and members of congregations about the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol, providing tools and information about how to minister to, with and for individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and their families, as together we battle this family disease of addiction.  


NJTV's Drug Crisis Resources

Flier explaining Naloxone Law

March 2016 Reflection


Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services by County

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