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New Starts

Together We Start New Churches: Be A Partner!

God’s mission and the work of the Holy Spirit are at the heart of our mission starts.

The Spirit is stirring in our synod. God is calling us to get involved in the work of the mission start of five new churches: Santa Isabel (Latine) and Santa Isabel Ministry to Immigrants in Detention (Prison Ministry) in Elizabeth, Misión Pan de Vida (Latine) in Passaic, Morning Star Fellowship (Korean) in Ridgefield, and Misión Luterana Reconciliación (Latine) in Pennsauken.

Santa Isabel Lutheran Church & Santa Isabel Ministry with Immigrants in Detention are two ministries located in Elizabeth. Santa Isabel is a Latine worshipping community led by Pastor Ramon Collazo


Iglesia Luterana Santa Isabel Lutheran Church, Elizabeth

Rev. Ramon A. Collazo - Mission Developer

908 East Jersey St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Phone: (908)351-5999


Facebook: Santa Isabel Iglesia

Santa Isabel Ministry to Immigrants in Detention, Elizabeth

Location- Elizabeth Detention Center

Rev. Ramon A. Collazo - Mission Developer

908 East Jersey St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Phone: (908)351-5999


Misión Luterana Reconciliación is a new mission start in Spanish reaching out to new people and building relationships with the Latine community in Pennsauken. It is housed at Temple Lutheran Church and led by Pastor José Escalera. ​


Misión Luterana Reconciliación in Pennsauken

Pastor José Escalera

5714 Irving Ave, Pennsauken, NJ 08109


Misión Pan de Vida in Passaic gathers day laborers and people experiencing homelessness to share food, prayers, worship, and hope. The ministry relies on the strong commitment of Latine lay leaders in partnership with Pastor Haydee Colon Hernandez.

Misión Pan de Vida in Passaic

Pastor Haydee Colon Hernandez

140 Lexington Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055


Morning Star Fellowship in Ridgefield offers ESL classes and Bible study for first- and second-generation Koreans, as well as worship, faith formation, and spiritual practices. Morning Star is led by Mission Developer Eunyoung Kim.

Morning Star Fellowship -Ridgefield

Pastor Eunyoung Kim - Mission Developer

691 Prospect Ave., Ridgefield, NJ07657

Phone: 347-975-3896

email: or

Elizabeth Detention Center.jpg
Become a Mission Partner!   

Mission Partners are congregations linked together in dynamic relationships to empower and expand this outreach ministry. Through supportive relationship, these congregations share in the excitement of proclaiming God’s love. Mission Partner congregations offer the gifts of prayer, leadership and financial resources to new mission starts. Individuals can also offer prayer and financial gifts over periods of time so that developing congregations can have the resources needed in their first years to establish a firm base as they witness to Jesus and build new communities of faith. 


Congregations enter into a mutual agreement with a mission congregation to give and receive Prayers, Presence and Presents - the three P’s of Mission Partnership.


Contact Rev. Maristela Freiberg or call 201 407 6000  to explore possibilities of mission partners with our new evangelizing congregations

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