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Discipleship and Witness Team

Launching Evangelism in Your Congregation

What are ways to encourage evangelism in your congregation?

Launching evangelism in your congregation is not about techniques or right practices. Evangelism is about God working through you and your congregation to become vibrant witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Ask for guidance and courage to go where God is leading you.

Study God’s Word
Gather together for Bible study. Observe in the Scriptures how the Holy Spirit fills people with courage to bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. What story about Jesus brings you joy? Who might you tell about Jesus? Begin with a simple Bible Study.

Preach and Teach the Good News of Jesus
The promises of the Good News of Jesus are meant to be shared with others. We are not to be complacent, apathetic or bored. The Good News of Jesus changes lives – yours and mine. How have you experienced the Good News of Jesus in your life?

Create an Evangelism Team
Celebrate with those who might be interested in evangelism. Seek ways to extend your evangelism team to embrace your whole congregation. Don’t let a committee be the only one to experience the joy of sharing the good news of Jesus. Live the joy found in Christ Jesus. (See: Creating an Evangelism Team)

Provide Training
Equip people to become more comfortable about sharing their faith in Christ Jesus. Provide training and opportunities to practice faith-sharing. Take time to identify witnessing opportunities. What training might be helpful? How might you Advance Evangelism or move people from being a Disciple to Apostle?

Plan an Event
Don’t make it too easy. Go out on a limb. Plan an event no one will want to miss. Have a Fall Fiesta for the neighbors. Offer a jazz worship on Saturday night. If nothing else, add something extra to your Christmas Eve or Easter worship. Hire musicians – lots of them. Join the angels to sing “Glory to God in the highest!” Invite people to come! Spend some money on publicity. What event(s) might you host for the neighbors or community? How can you best Renew the Congregation?

Welcome People
Remember your mission: Bear witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus.  Create an environment that reflects Hospitality and Invitation.


Writer: Robin McCullough-Bade
Copyright © 2004 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
May be reproduced for local, non-sale use provided the above copyright notice is included.
E-Tips, Division for Congregational Ministries - Evangelism.




Gracious God, we give you thanks for opportunities for mission and ministry.
Continue to guide, empower and stretch us to boldly witness to your love made known in Jesus Christ. Amen

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