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Justice Mission Groups

The Justice and Peace Mission Teams of the New Jersey Synod are being reimagined.

Please watch the movie to learn more and then click the link below to answer a one question survey.   Thank you for your commitment to striving for justice and peace in all the world!

Justice and Peace Mission Team

Responding in faith to the love of God in Jesus Christ, the Justice & Peace Mission Team provides education and training to help congregations explore, begin or increase Justice Ministries, advocating for a more just, peaceful, and healthy existence for all creation.  

The Justice & Peace Mission Team is an “umbrella group” of eight Synod Task Groups or Teams.  Each group is made of dedicated congregation members from around the Synod who study causes of a specific injustice, ways it is addressed within the ELCA, and things our congregations can do to make a difference, and then provide training opportunities and links to helpful resources for congregations. Our task groups and teams share information through workshops at synod events, special seminars and our web page, and also welcome invitations from districts, clusters, congregations, councils, committees, organizations.


Work Groups of the NJ Synod Justice & Peace Mission Team

Anti-Racism Team 

Bosnia Team

Environmental Task Group

Hunger Task Group

Immigration Task Group

Ministry with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons Task Group


We have a strong advocacy component.  We recognize fighting injustice is more than charity, so we use the gift and responsibility of citizenship to speak out in the prophetic tradition to work for God’s justice.


If you would like to invite one of the teams to speak or if you feel called to work on one of these issues, please contact:

Synod Staff Rev. Sara Lilja, Assistant to the Bishop,  609-586-6800 x 114

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