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NJ African Descent Lutheran Association

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The New Jersey Synod has started an African Descent Lutheran Association – NJADLA under the leadership of the Reverend Dianne Lewis of Trinity, Jersey City and Vice Pastor of Bethany. We have hosted several planning meetings, and we are on the track to make the New Jersey Chapter a premier chapter. The only thing missing is YOU. Anyone can join. We hope you will consider joining the organization so that together we can use our time and talents to provide meaning experiences for all and grow the organization.


ADLA – Who We Are:  The term “African descent” refers to people who self-identify as Black, African Caribbean, African American, African Nationals and others of African ancestry from numerous countries who now live in the United States. A network of African descent as active participants in the ELCA across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


What We Do: The association develops important connections, advocates for congregations, promotes implementation of the National African Descent Strategy, and provides fellowship, learning and sharing opportunities. It also provides a forum for theological reflection for clergy and lay members through collaboration with other African descent organizations and networks.


Our Dues are as follows:

  • Adult Membership $50.00

  • Couples Membership$80.00

  • Student Membership, of any age $30.00

  • Elder Membership, people aged 55 and over $30.00

  • Lifetime Membership TBD

  • Organization Membership $100.00

The dues include National and local; 50% National; 50% local.  This results in a combined per person's dues that adresses National ADLA membership criteria as well as local Chapter requirements.


Make Check Payable to: African American Lutheran Association ADLA New Jersey

Attn: Rev. Dianne Lewis

202 Claremont Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07305


We are working on getting our PayPal Account activated.

PayPal: African American Lutheran Association New Jersey ADLA Chapter




To learn more about New Jersey ADLA please contact Pastor Dianne at 301-252-2814 or

You can also visit Facebook Page:  African Descent Lutheran Association New Jersey Synod Chapter – ADLA.


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