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Summer Program Grants  2024

2024 Summer Program Grants Online Application


Applications must be submitted no later than June 12, 2024.  Applications received after June 12 will be considered if any grant funds are still undesignated. Please contact Lois Parrett  for more information.


Summer Program Grant Details


The summer provides us with increased opportunities to reach out in the public square with the Good News of God’s love in Jesus.  The New Jersey Synod wants to be in partnership with you as you plan creatively and strategically to maximize your evangelism efforts in the communities you serve.  There is a very limited amount of funding available this year for Summer Program Grants and we are inviting you to apply.


The purpose of these Summer Program Grants is to strengthen the mission and outreach capacity of congregations. Outreach through summer activities for children, public displays at fairs and other community events, increased evangelical contact with persons in the community are all ways that we share the story of God’s love for us and invite others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  


Categories and criteria for consideration are included below.



In this category, proposals will be considered for Vacation Bible Schools, daytime summer programs, and other teaching/Christian Education opportunities. 


● Proclamation of the Good News of God’s unconditional love in Jesus Christ through Christian Education, Bible Study, worship, and an intentional link between the program and the life of the congregation.

●   Holistic Programming, that is involvement of participants in a well-rounded and wholesome experience through such program components as arts and crafts, recreation, field trips, nutrition programs, Bible Study, worship,  etc.

●   Integrating Unchurched Children into the life of the congregation through recruitment of participants who are new to the church and through fall follow-up programming such as after school programs, youth and children’s groups, acolyte training, choirs, etc.



In this category, proposals will be considered that are for new and innovative programs that relate directly to a congregation’s efforts in evangelism and outreach to unchurched persons. 


●    Evangelism techniques such as initial calling, advertising, door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing, or street fairs are used in an effort to reach unchurched adults and families.

●  Intentional efforts are made to link unchurched persons with varied and creative worship opportunities, including, but not limited to, the congregation’s regular Sunday worship.

●     The program may incorporate the small group concept of church growth to provide entry points to the life of the congregation, meaning Bible Study, interest meetings in member’s home, common interest group activities, etc.

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