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Congregational Vitality

Together in Mission

As people of faith, we trust that God is doing a new thing in the world and we are invited to be part of this work. Congregational mission planning is the process of discovering how each community of faith is called to live as the body of Christ.  

New Starts and Strategic Ministries

Local mission partnership is a program of the New Jersey Synod that encourages ministries to build relationships with each other around three principles of prayer, presence, and presents. 

Learn more about these congregations!

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Coaching is an intentional relationship focused on facilitating change and growth in your personal or professional life or in the life of your congregation.  These coaches are trained for the purpose of equipping you and your ministry, as well as helping you cultivate fruitful congregational ministries in the specific areas of discipleship and stewardship.

Go And...!

Go And Gather! ...coming soon

We gathered for Go And...! in 2022, a monthly Zoom gathering about evangelism and outreach.

We held space for congregational leaders and evangelists to focus on mission and the future to which God is calling the church.

If you and other leaders in your congregation have a passion and interest for evangelism and outreach and don’t know where to start in a world still so uncertain, know that you are not alone. As God is inviting us to engage with new, young, and diverse people, let’s rely on God’s power to ignite, equip, and empower the evangelists in our congregations.  See our resources!

God is cracking open the Church so that we can:
Go and spread the news
Go and pray
Go and listen
Go and be with neighbors
Go and make disciples
Go and witness
Go and serve
Go and feed the hungry
Go and do justice
Go and do something

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