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  • Rev. John Holliday

Annual Crop Walk Gathers Local Churches Together

For more than three decades Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Old Tappan has been participating in the annual CROP Walk in Bergen County, New Jersey. CROP, an activity of the organization Church World Service, stands for “communities responding to overcome poverty.” Local congregations in what some call the “Happy Valley” gather on a day in the middle of October to promote awareness to hunger issues and to raise financial resources to combat food scarcity at both a local and global level. As the leaves are turning in the middle of October, people of all ages dedicate about three hours to walk with one another in solidarity along the streets and sidewalks in the local communities to give public witness to a united effort to make food scarcity a thing of the past. Participants have walked in this activity to remind one another that many in the world need to walk on a daily basis to obtain the basics of life like food and water. In this shared journey area churches are visited, dialogue ensues and local neighbors have opportunities to build ties, strengthen relations and share ideas for doing more to support the various ministries in the local congregations.

Church World Service is a partner with the ELCA’s World Hunger Appeal in combating poverty and food shortages around the world. If you are not currently a participant in a CROP Walk event, why not consider joining one or starting your own local event? It makes a great inter-generational activity where both ecumenical and inter-faith partners can join in the fun!

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