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Call a Coach: Change is Difficult but Need Not Be Lonely

There's no doubt that this is an exciting and sometimes even scary time to be the church. Change is happening

all around. Old models of ministry are being set aside, and some are experimenting with new ways of engaging in Christ's mission in their context. How can we work through the swirl of information and emotion so that we can better lead and guide God's people in mission and ministry that makes a difference? Well, ELCA certified coaches can help pastors, lay leaders and congregations navigate, grow and even thrive in times of change and transition. Coaching is an intentional relationship focused on facilitating change and growth in your personal or professional life or in the life of your congregation. This fall, the ELCA has invested some resource to train and develop coaches in our region, including six pastors from the New Jersey Synod: Janet Blair; Maristela Freiberg; Agnes Gbardoe; David Jost, James Krombholz, and Jenny McLellan. These coaches are being trained for the purpose of equipping you and your ministry, as well as helping you cultivate fruitful congregational ministries in the specific areas of discipleship and stewardship. There are many times in the life of a congregation or course of a ministry where coaching may be helpful. Here just a few of the situations where coaching may help you change and grow: - Personal or professional discernment and transition; - Congregational change or transitions; - Starting new mission outreach or ministry initiative; - Looking for opportunities in apparent crisis. Contact Pastor Maristela Freiberg, DEM ( or Pastor David Jost (, coaching ministry coordinator, to talk about how coaching can enhance your ministry in a time of change.


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