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Home Teams

Welcome to the Bosnia IST Home Team! There are lots of ways for YOU (the Home Team) to be a part of this ministry:

• Offering prayer support.
• Making financial donations
• Making home-sewn gifts
• Decorating tote bags
• Donating sports equipment


Please pray for peace and reconciliation for the people and communities of Bosnia, the Balkans and the whole world. Please pray for our Travel Team and Home Team. Please pray for our in-country Coordinators and Interpreters. Please pray for the children and teachers who will attend our Friendship Camps this summer.



Each summer we will host Friendship Camps throughout Bosnia. These camps are for children ages 10-13 (and anyone else who shows up!), and will work to bring Healing, Hope & Peace into their lives and their communities. Each camp has anywhere from 60-350+ students, with 10-20 teachers present. Each Friendship Camp needs financial sponsorship of $2,600.

We hold Camp New Hope, a special four-day leadership retreat for middle school-aged young people. Camp New Hope brings together young teens and teachers from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to build relationships, explore issues of identity and practice peacemaking skills. Camp New Hope needs financial sponsorship of $14,000.

It is also possible to give money to the Bosnia IST General Fund which will help offset the overall cost of the trip.Financial sponsorship of these Camps is a crucial need for the success of this ministry. For these details go to theFriendship Camps page.


Each year we make hand-made sewn gifts as soft, tangible reminders that they are beloved. We need to make up to 1,500 of these items. This year we are making Hug Pillows! Here are the Hug Pillow Instructions, and here is the Hug Pillow pattern. If you want to make some or if you have any questions, please contact our Sewing Coordinator Steve Smith here.


Each year the Home Team hand-decorates a canvas tote bag for every child and teacher that attends one of our Friendship Camps or Camp New Hope. We expect to need up to 1,200 for Bosnia IST 2017. If you would like to decorate some tote bags, please contact our Tote Bag Coordinator Rene Cherson for instructions and to arrange pick up/delivery things. You can email Rene here. Instructions for decorating the tote bags are here.


Each year we send sports equipment for the schools and youth programs who participate in our camps to use year round. A flyer with all of the information need is available here.
A full set for each camp consists of: 
3 basketballs
3 volleyballs
3 soccer balls
3 jump ropes
3beach balls
2 basketball nets
3 ball pumps & needles

Even if you can only donate a few items - that'd be great, we'll take it!

This is a great project for a Sunday School or Youth Group. Please contact Sports Equipment Coordinator Rich Wantula if you are interested in donating sports equipment!



If you are looking for other ways to be a part of the Home Team ministry, or have any questions, please contact Home Team Captain Cliff Konnerth.

This ministry provides the only visible Lutheran presence in this country - a country desperate to know the peace of the living God. Thanks be to God for this opportunity to work for God’s peace in the world.

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